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Chairman’s Message

Being the Chairman of RAYANSAUDIA Contracting Co.Ltd., it is a matter of tremendous pride, pleasure and privilege for me to reflect and share our achievements of the past, activities of the present and ambitious vision of the future.

We had a modest initiation with a cherished goal of contributing towards the Kingdom’s industrial Services growth and development, which was in its nascent stage then. We always embraced challenges, constraints and countless obstacles in our stride. Our organizational philosophy was driven by the analogies of best practices, commitment, dedication, sincerity and highest ethical standards. We have managed to build a Group, which has carved a niche in the realms of business and industrial circles within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries.

Our strategies, structure and systems have been focused on creating constant customer satisfaction by delivering our customers with the services and solutions that are qualitative and cost effective. In the quest for becoming regional, national and international players of the industrial world, we have been tapping on the talents of our human resources, prevalence of rational decision making and forward planning in the most synchronized manner.

The Group is spearheading forward in order to emerge as a prominent diversified business house while concentrating on the best practices prevalent in the industry, development of human resources, exploiting the awesome power of Information Technology and continuously assimilating the modern innovations taking place throughout the Kingdom.

Our achievements, accomplishments and successes of high proportions are attributable firstly to Allah, the Almighty and then to our valuable assets – our people, whose persistent hard work, unwavering commitment, valuable contribution, tremendous faith, confidence and trust have all been instrumental for taking the entire Group to its present status.

Our focus towards remaining winners all the way in all our endeavors at all times remains total, absolute and comprehensive.