GRP & FRP Piping

We are specializing in installation of GRP and FRP for the Chemical, Desalination and Metallurgical industries. we have combined experience of over 15 years in service such as Lamination ( GRP/GRE), Pre Insulated Pipes joining, In-situ Benching and cementing of both Fiber glass and plastic Systems in world wide

Rayan Saudia Aims, through its multi faceted service, to be the leader of fiber glasses and Thermoplastic Installation, by achieving customer delight through superior service and commitment to international quality standards. We believe that through if efficient , Timely and economically viable execution of complex projects in the field of both fiber glasses and thermoplastic, we will be able to provide stellar service to our esteemed clients.

Rayan Saudia demonstrates a commitment to stupendous delivery services and strong professional and ethical values. Through its experience, Rayan Saudia has built a reputation for reliability, and integrity, to Qualities that embody Rayan Saudia’s commitment to excellence. We strive to build relationship with clients and depend not only one hour in house capabilities but also on our well established network of affiliated customers and suppliers


  • GRP and GRE lamination
  • Pre- insulated pipe joining
  • Cementing on fiber glass and plastic systems
  • Manhole Lamination
  • Pipe Installation and maintenance
  • HDPE Joining
  • PVC/ UPVC Joining
  • PVDE/ PP joining